Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ron Paul for President in 2008

Pressures on the American lifestyle caused by...
Lower education standards producing more dolts
Money printed out of thin air (not gold-backed)
Inflated commodity prices from worthless money
World bankers fearing global economic meltdown
The money handlers having made their own bed

are producing the following symptoms...
Both spouses working to almost break even
Americans consuming more than they make
Squalor and crime following foreclosure waves
Iraq war veterans committing suicide in the US

and the resulting questions may include...
Is a global spiritual renaissance possible?
Has a spiritual renaissance already begun?
What might help to prevent a meltdown?
[The question is 'whom'...and the answer is Ron Paul]

Could the solution be to free Americans from burdensome shackles?
Restore American independence and sovereignty
Border security and immigration reform
Addressing debt and reducing taxes
Freedom in the maintenance of good health
Voting with dollars to improve secondary education
Protecting life and the liberty that follows
Preventing/eliminating invasions of privacy
Preserving property rights against government
Addressing the Social Security crisis head-on
Allowing law-abiding citizens to protect their domain
Follow the Constitution in matters foreign and domestic

Take action not sooner:

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Just listen to Ron Paul's speech at the Iowa straw poll to get a very good snapshot of his platform:

So, the question is...

Here is a lesson an Austrian Economics lesson from "Dr. KNOW":

...with follow-up from CNBC:

Even CNN's Wolf Blitzer had to chime in on Ron Paul's popularity as a lightning rod of America's support for Constitutional liberty:

Great interview on Face The Nation (11/11/07):

Presidential TV ad:

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1 comment:

Robert Coss said...

This is a great challenge to get to know and get involved helping Ron Paul who doesn't even have a contender when it comes to the great things he stands for. He has a history that proves he is what he says he is. What a threat to those in power. We must vote for the man and protect him by showing him overwhelming support. That shouldn't be hard once people learn who he is.