Friday, September 28, 2007

Ron Paul: The only Patriot running for President.

Suggested steps on how the Ron Paul REVOLUTION can ignite grass-roots efforts to rebirth America with Constitutional ideals...again:
  1. For the sake of clarity in communicating with others, become familiar with the world's smallest political quiz so you can explain Ron Paul's political posture in a clear manner to all who believe they oppose him from their liberal/conservative/socialist perspectives, (key) in a non threatening way. Spare their dignity while helping them understand that both personal -and- economic freedoms must first be subjectively measured before knowing where one comes from on the two-dimensional political diamond.
  2. Know the reasons for your commitment to support Congressman Ron Paul in his quest to be the next President of the United States, and understand that there is an oil-thirsty neo-con element penetrating the GOP and its manipulated media (Rush and Fox News).
  3. Show your Online support by signing occasional polls (two right here) and the official Ron Paul Registry, which requests authentication.
  4. Show your Offline support by joining a Ron Paul Meetup group in your area to network with your community (RP08 attire is optional).
  5. By Christmas, contact all people you know in Wyoming, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, South Carolina, New Hampshire, and Florida to share Ron Paul's ideals of truly restoring Constitutional liberties to all Americans. With 100% attendance, it's no wonder Ron Paul has become so popular!
  6. Encourage liberty-loving voters that we are not alone and to register as Republicans prior to their primary election's deadline (typically 3 weeks prior to the election) in support of Congressman Ron Paul.
  7. Be advised, the deadline for a Democrat or Libertarian to register as a Republican is not necessarily the same date as the new-voter-registration deadline. In Closed Primary states, you will NOT be able to vote for Ron Paul in the Primary unless you are registered as a Republican. To do so, you must contact your county Board of Elections to know the deadline for your state. They do NOT advertise this information, so you must call them...via the Internet is not an option, as an original signature will be required. Some states even go so far as to requiring a notarized form to change parties, so heed this caution or these efforts will be wasted. Call or (even better) VISIT your county Elections Office to get verified answers concerning this important deadline for your state!
  8. A committed vote for Congressman Paul -- even if he loses -- will ultimately send a strong message to the Republicrats with their globalist agendas that "Our liberty agenda is now on the radar screen and we're coming after you in future elections!"
  9. Share this suggested guidance with as many other open-minded, possibly undecided (apathetic?) voters during this collapsing window of opportunity, before Christmas!
Contact me with any additions/deletions/modifications, as nothing would be better than to wake up on Wednesday, 05-Nov-2008, to watch the stunned faces of the talking heads as they reluctantly announce that "Ron Paul has been elected the next President of the United States...The people have spoken." =)

Peace through prosperous liberty,


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